Wrath and Patience

Digital Illustration, Graphic & Print Design

An advertisement for an art exhibit entitled “Seven Deadly Sins: Road to Damnation” at the fictitious Neves Modern Art Museum. The goal of the campaign was to depict just one of the seven sins. I chose to focus on wrath for this piece, but wanted to also incorporate a nod to the opposing heavenly virtue—patience. The end result is reminiscent of a playing card: A flippable design with two heads and readability throughout. The limited color palette with heavy use of red is symbolic for wrath, yet offers a softer tone for patience. The finished piece was created through a combination of Adobe Draw (iPad app), Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
24”x36” oversize poster

Initial thumbnail (which I lovingly call "Angry Peanut")

Rough sketch
Rough sketch
Digital render w/ color added
Digital render w/ color added

Final poster

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