NIKE Tournament of Champions Logo Series

Branding, Logo Design

Since its initial basketball tournament in December of 1997, NIKE Tournament of Champions has become one one of the biggest interscholastic sporting events in the nation. Today it is the largest age-specific NCAA-certified club basketball event for girls in the U.S., with representation across 40+ states; and the company has expanded to also offer volleyball, lacrosse, and soccer tournaments as well.
NIKE Tournament of Champions originally reached out in 2020 about creating a series of event logos for their renowned basketball tournaments. The goal was to present a unique badge design for each event, drawing inspiration directly from the tourney locations. The logo series also needed to utilize a shared universal style in order to maintain brand recognition in its varied uses across the country. After the initial basketball request, I was also asked update the company's volleyball logos in the same style, for a total of 14 logos created.
Nation-wide distribution through social posts, print & web advertisements, event signage and more. 

image credit: @uscga_wbb on instagram

image credit: @origel_samantha on instagram

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